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Custom Floor Truss Systems

Our custom floor truss systems are delivered to your site, ready for installation; no cutting or fitting is required. Floor trusses go up easily and quickly, often without the use of a crane. Expensive steelworkers, welders or riggers are not required. You and your crew can do it all.


Floor trusses are built with open chases for ductwork and have natural open spaces for plumbing and electrical wiring. Mechanicals are installed quickly through the open webs without notching or furring. Electricians, A/C contractors and plumbers are on and off the job quicker.


Floor trusses are built with 2x4’s turned on their sides, turning them into 4x2’s. This allows for shallow depths as well as a 3 ½” nailing surface. Floor trusses can be manufactured with many different end conditions to accommodate different installation needs; around raised walls, pocketed beams, headers around stairways, etc.