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of Components

For Contractors

And Builders

Trusses go up faster and easier, with less skilled labor requirements, no matter how complicated the roof or ceiling is. This means you are under roof faster, which helps in drawing construction loans. Expenses are accuately controlled because truss costs can be predetermined. The use of preassembled components generates less waste at the jobsite. This improves saftey and reduces cleanup costs. On-site losses from mis-cutting, theft and damage are virtually eliminated. Building departments recognize and respect the software used to design trusses. While many building departments are wary about inspecting conventional framing, sealed truss designs are easily inspected.

For Owners

Home owners can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that the trusses have been professionally engineered and quality manufactured for the specific job. Heating and cooling costs are lessened because trusses allow more insulation to be installed in the building. Roof truss details such as tray, vaulted or studio ceilings improve the appearance and comfort of homes, offices, churches and commercial buildings. Trusses provide clear spans so interior walls can be moved easily during remodeling or when making additions. It is very economical to remodel homes with trusses versus frame houses.

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